Finance & Staffing Committee Terms of Reference

The primary functions of the Finance & Staffing Committee are to monitor actual payments and receipts against budget, review financial procedures, carry out risk assessment and review the Register of Assets from time to time, review regularly FinancialRegulations, prepare the Annual Return and a draft annual budget for approval by the Council.


From a staffing point of view the Committee oversees all matters to do with human resources, reviews employee performance and appraisals, maintains procedures on personnel matters and monitors the Council's responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act.



  Planning Committee Terms of Reference

The Planning Committee considers and comments upon planning applications submitted to the District Council, reviews decisions made by the District Council on planning applications, responds to any consultation documents on planning matters and is generally pro-active in any matters to do with planning and development control affecting the Parish.



 Environment & Highways Committee Terms of Reference

The Environment & Highways Group considers all matters of concern, initiatives for improvement and consultation documents relating to environmental & highway issues in the parish.

It manages the contract for maintenance of the Ivy Gardens and War Memorial, identifies sites for planting, manages litter picking, monitors street cleansing and waste bins, and assists the Footpaths Officer in maintaining and clearing rights of way. It welcomes any input from residents towards future improvements to the local environment.

It also monitors the progress of matters referred to the Highways Partnership Unit, identifies outstanding maintenance to roads and pavements, monitors the state of grass verges within the parish, considers ways to improve the highway network including traffic calming, considers improvements for the safety of pedestrians and other road users and reviews consultation documents or other correspondence relating to highway matters.

 Appeals Committee
 Terms of Reference

The Appeals Committee deals with any appeals brought by employees following action under the Disciplinary and Grievance procedures.



 Communications Group  Terms of Reference

The Communications Group deals with all the matters pertaining to IT and communication.  The group started with the creation of this website and meet periodically to review and update the content. They are also responsible for publicity including the Parish Newsletter.



 Events Committee Terms of Reference

This committee is responsible for organising, attending and sponsoring events within the parish that are run by the parish council and other bodies. Examples being the annual parish competitions, the remembrance day parade, the Fun Day, and the Halloween and bonfire celebrations. Full details of these events are listed on out What's On page.

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